Andrew Z H Yee

Andrew Z H Yee

Assistant Professor

Singapore University of Technology and Design


I am currently Assistant Professor in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Department at the Singapore University of Technology and Design. I am generally interested in understanding how and why people use digital technology, and the impact it can have on their lives. My latest work involves the collection of screenomes to better understand and dissect youth smartphone use. Another current project involves understanding what aspects of media use contributes to preschoolers’ school readiness. Overall, my work aims to explore how message design, technology, and digital media can be harnessed to positively affect children’s development.


  • Digital media and human development
  • Parent-child communication
  • Health communication


  • PhD in Communication, 2019

    Nanyang Technological University

  • BA in Communication, 2014

    Nanyang Technological University


Project 1: Youth and Digital Media Research Lab

The research projects under the Youth and Digital Media Research Lab aim to understand how media use and consumption affect children and adolescents’ development and well-being.

Project 2: Technology and Health Outcomes

This stream of research aims to understand how technology can be harnessed to improve individual health outcomes.

Project 3: Parent-Child Communication and Food Preferences

In this project, I identify the features and theoretical processes behind effective parenting strategies in encouraging healthier food consumption among children.


  • Singapore University of Technology and Design, 8 Somapah Road, Singapore, 487372