Technology and Health Outcomes

EMBRACE: A technologically enabled ecosytem for active ageing
In this multidisciplinary project, our research team at SUTD is developing a technologically-enabled ecosystem built around a wearable device, a smartphone, and a volunteer network in order to encourage active ageing among the elderly and enhance social resilience in Singaporean neighbourhoods. As Co-PI in this project (share ~SGD70,000), I adopted a community participatory approach to understand the barriers to technological adoption among seniors for health, which informs the design of the ecosystem, as well as future health technology intervention targeted at seniors.

Andrew Z H Yee
Andrew Z H Yee
Faculty Early Career Award Fellow

I am Faculty Early Career Award Fellow at the Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences department in the Singapore University of Technology Design. My primary research interest involve parent-child communication, health communication, and youth media use and well-being.